Tips on How to Display Items on Shelves – Chic Living Room Design

Displaying items on a shelf and still maintaining a glamorous home décor can be stressful at times. If you are an interior design person, you must know that display is critical in every home for it showcases more of fashion and designs.

This article will guide you on how you can achieve a perfect items display on shelves, namely;

The background

The background depends on where the selves are situated. For instance, if there is a wall behind the shelves, you will first consider the wall painting. The item to place on your shelf should complement the background. If your wall is painted with bright colours, the things you place on the shelves should be a bit darker, and if the wall is dark, then the item should be brightly coloured. This kind of arrangement brings out the beauty displayed on the shelves.


You can group items that are similar together. For instance, books can be arranged according to the authors, type of book, and other compelling reasons. You can place the political books under one shelf, guide books, styling, and magazines to occupy its shelf. When you have a collection of items well displayed, it’s even more accessible when arranging and even easy to find things on the shelf.

Utilize height variants

Different items take different sizes and shapes. You can arrange items on shelves according to their height, making different patterns and shapes. You can instantly go for silhouettes that alternate on the shelves by choosing different shapes to display with, like cubicles, triangular, squares, and much more.

Blend of nature

Nature has a way of communicating with us, and it makes a place look more calm and comfortable. Your shelf display should not be any less or different; you can embrace nature and display items such as plants, trees, flowers, and unique stones. A tree can be placed at the center of the shelf and represent an admiral look in a home.Interior is all about being simple, unique, and classy, with every idea brought to light. Tylko has more inspiring ideas on displaying cleverly items on your shelves, which can be checked out on their website Be fashionable and classy without keeping your comforts aside.

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