Making Your Living Room Design Friendly – Decorating Inspiration

Family friendly living room design means creating perfect spaces for children, parents and guests. Yes, children are often carefree and messy, but living rooms should not be empty nor dull to battle inescapable accidents. A well-decorated, attractive layout that gives children the space to play and use their imaginations to their advantage is within reach. Here are some pointers for your consideration.

Living room furniture should be durable and weather-resistant materials, preferably with protective padding. The furniture set should be able to withstand both normal wear and tear and constant use in families with growing kids and pets. Children may spill lemonade or drop their toys and spill them on the furniture. These may not seem a big deal now, but can be a source of major damage in the long run if the furniture is made of cheap materials that wear out easily or is not properly protected against such mishaps.

You cannot have a family friendly living room design without the appropriate pieces of furniture. So, apart from the coffee table and side tables, you would need chairs, couches, loveseats, and footstools. There are many types of these that are available today in the market ranging from plastic and wrought iron to wood and wicker. The styles are also varied, ranging from the rustic, minimalist, art Deco, retro, to the elaborate and modern.

With the family-friendly living rooms come many options in flooring, wall coverings, and other accessories. It is important to choose durable materials and colors that would withstand constant use and abuse. Vinyl wallpaper and vinyl flooring are durable and long lasting, and can also make for easy clean up when spills are accidentally left behind. If you have kids in the house, it is advisable to go for wall to wall carpeting to discourage them from climbing onto the coffee table and knocking it over.

Another popular element in family room design styles today is the use of fabrics on furniture. Fabrics are lightweight, yet durable, and can help create a cozy feel in the room. Fabrics should ideally be in shades of light blue, beige, or white to provide a fresh and airy feel. The fabric has to be durable enough to withstand constant use and abuse, yet soft enough to avoid feeling too stiff when used. For the floors, you can opt for durable floor mats, or even colorful rugs, that are perfect for children to play or sit on.

Lastly, in the area around the coffee table, you can choose fabrics for window treatments that are colorful and bright. This can make the room look very vibrant and help create a warm atmosphere. The curtains can be heavier colors, such as green, to create a curtain effect, or you can go with sheer fabrics for an open feeling. In the living area, you can choose fabrics for the furniture and flooring to provide a family-friendly room design style, that is both durable and comfortable.

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